Final Project

Jared Leto- What Does He Really Look Like?

Here is my final project video on Jared Leto’s movie transformations.  I chose to title this “Jared Leto- What Does He Really Look Like?” on Vimeo because I felt like it would interest people more than just “Jared Leto Movie Transformations”.  I’m pretty satisfied with my video, especially because I had never used KeyNote before this class.  Please give me some feedback!


Final Project Proposal

From our discussion last week and from much further thought, I have decided to change my project from Jared Leto’s career to Jared Leto’s transformations for his career. When I was looking at clips from his movies, I realized there’s close to no movies in which he actually looks like himself in real life. The majority of the movies he is in there is a huge transformation. For example, the biggest ones being Chapter 27 and Dallas Buyers Club. In most of his roles, he had to change his hairstyle to eccentric ways. Some examples include Alexander, Panic Room, and Lonely Hearts. I am still going to be making a video. I will be mashing up clips together that show how different he looks in all of his roles. Because this will be very short, I will also include a short interview or two about his transformations for roles.  Some pictures of his makeovers:


Rough Draft Project Proposal

I want to do my project on one of my favorite actors, Jared Leto.  I have been a huge fan of his since I was a child, between his acting and music.  I am going to do a video on his films and his accomplishments in film.  I am taking ten of his most popular movies throughout the years and going through them.  The ten movies are:  Prefontaine (1997), Urban Legend (1998), Fight Club (1999), Girl, Interrupted (1999), American Psycho (2000), Requiem for a Dream (2000), Highway (2002), Panic Room (2002), Chapter 27 (2007), and of course Dallas Buyers Club (2013).  I will include a summary of each film (either by text or voiceover, not sure yet), and will include a video for each.  These videos will either be a clip from the movie or a part of an interview Leto has done for the movie.  Apart from the videos, I will include pictures of Leto throughout the years.  He has had some serious transformations for his roles.  For example:

Leto gained 67 pounds for his role in Chapter 27.
After going through these ten movies, I want to focus on Leto’s success after Dallas Buyers Club. He’s been acting since 1992 and has finally been recognized as a great actor.  Since Dallas Buyers Club’s release, Leto has won an Oscar, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit award, London Critics Circle award, and over ten more smaller awards. I’m going to include clips of Leto winning some of these awards and some parts of interviews on his reactions to all of these wins.  The audience for my video will be anyone interested in film.  Leto has been in quite a few reputable movies costarring with amazing actors (Edward Norton, Christian Bale, Winona Ryder, etc.) and has been directed by great directors (Darren Aronofsky and David Fincher especially).  I would like to post my video on my YouTube account when I’m done with this project so that anyone in the public can view it.  I would like to use Keynote for this project so I can include videos, images, and possibly voiceovers.  I’m not bad with Keynote so far and I’m a fast learner.  I am confident with myself using this software to successfully create this video.  I would like to practice more with Keynote especially with “Snagging” videos from YouTube to put in my video. I would like to get some advice on how I should summarize each film so that it is not monotonous.
Some videos I will be using in this video:
Movie Scenes:

Thoughts on Black Swan


I’ve seen the movie Black Swan about three times and every time I hope it will be better than I thought. I am not a big fan of this movie, I mean, I find it okay. Because it is directed by Aronofsky, I really expected a lot. Requiem For A Dream is one of my favorite movies so I was excited for this one when it first came out in theaters. I respect Natalie Portman and consider her a very talented actress and Mila Kunis is beautiful, although not quite a reputable actress. This movie has potential; the story could be interesting if made the right way and the cast isn’t horrible.  Yet, there are so many scenes I am disappointed by.  For example, when Natalie Portman is having some sort of meltdown and goes into her mother’s room and looks at the paintings.  The paintings start screaming and melting.  Like, come on. That scene is almost comical to me.  Most of the rest of the scenes are like that. Another part is when Portman is in her bathtub and blood starts randomly emerging. Neither was that part creative or even explained. I feel like this movie was way too much of a try hard.  The overall message of Portman’s character trying to grow up/not thinking she’s good enough is such a cliché.  How many times can you remake this message, really?  Portman is insecure and her teacher encourages her to “let go”, which she struggles with.  Okay…boring. The scenes I do like are when she starts taking her skin apart (her finger cuticles, her back). These scenes are purely just visually stimulating and entertaining. Also, I do admire the overall darkness to the movie.  The lighting is never bright which really sets a good tone for the movie.  But it’s just not enough. In short, if I was in middle school, I would have adored this movie.  But now, I’m just a little too old for it.  It’s just another very overrated movie.


This is an example of a cliché line used in the movie. “The only person standing in your way is you.” Really? Like I haven’t heard that one…  If it was just a line used in the movie it wouldn’t be so bad.  But this line seems to be the overall meaning to the movie.

Paperman Screenshot

I think the most important part in the short Paperman is when the girl’s lipstick marked paper starts coming alive.

2014-02-20_15-40-16I chose this screenshot because it shows so much about the overall story.  This is a big part of the short because it shows that there is a chance the man might find the woman.  The lipstick stained paper represents hope.  Right before the paper starts coming alive, the man is very upset and angry.

(shown below).


After the lipstick stained paper starts floating and moving, all the other paper airplanes begin to do the same.  (shown below). This part makes the audience feel optimistic.


The lipstick stained paper coming alive is the turning point to the story because the man is finally able to find the woman he’s been wanting to find.  The whole story up to the lipstick stained paper coming alive is the man failing to find the woman he met earlier in the day.  After the lipstick stained paper comes alive, all the other paper airplanes lead the man to the woman as the lipstick stained paper finds the woman and leads her to him.  In the end, they finally are brought together again. (shown below).


Without the lipstick stained paper airplane coming to life, the man most likely would not have found the woman.

Frames & Screenshots

My favorite site on the Frames & Screenshots page is  This site is a Tumblr, which is a blogging site.  This tumblr account describes movies based on frames/screenshots of different scenes.  These screenshots put together are supposed to tell the whole story.  I chose this site because I have a tumblr and I love seeing screenshots of movies I love on it.  I always reblog them.  I find screenshots so interesting because they capture such powerful parts of movies.  Whether it be the funniest part, the saddest part, the scariest part, etc., the screenshot will always remind the viewer of what they felt and thought when they saw that scene.   It does make me think of cinema in a different way because I usually don’t think of movies as pictures.  When I think of a movie, I imagine the scene in my head.  Through screenshots and thanks to tumblr, sometimes I now think of a movie and see a screenshot with the dialogue typed at the bottom.  For example, I love this screenshot of one of my favorite movies.


This scene from Love Actually is my favorite scene because it is so romantic.  Seeing this screenshot makes me a little emotional!  I think these screenshots are mostly creative because they are taking just one shot from a movie and making it more than just a picture.  One shot can describe a whole movie, depending on what the scene is.  It is a very cool way to represent a movie.  Here is an example of one of my favorite television shows in four frames and gifs I have found on tumblr:

Pretty Little Liars


(getting messages from “A” about Alison’s murder)


(Aria is dating her teacher)


(teacher is thought to be A)


(coming clean..?)

Tweets of my favorite movies


@nataliezamoraa: Donnie Darko is the best movie of all time. Be ready to have your mind blown and be ready to see it more than a few times



@nataliezamoraa: American Beauty is remarkably emotional as it tells a story of a dysfunctional family whose wants and needs weigh heavily on them

american_beauty_6 abeauty5


@nataliezamoraa: Pulp Fiction will change your life. The perfect directing combined with the great story will leave you confused yet satisfied at the same time



@nataliezamoraa: The Shining is smart, suspensful, and scary. Kubrick’s style shines through this intriguing and sometimes breathtaking movie

the-shining-movie-the-grady-twinswoman in tub


@nataliezamoraa: Love Actually is the perfect romantic comedy. It is funny, sad, relatable, and straight up adorable while still very original

love-actually-5 love-actually-2-630